Do you want to live a tour-like and unforgettable experience playing the sport that you love so much? The Vegas Golf Series is an initiative by the East Coast Pro Tour to revolutionize team golf and the Pro-Am experience.

Amateur golfers will have the opportunity to compete on a team alongside the best professional golfers in Quebec and Canada! The Vegas Golf Series provides golfers the occasion to play a fun and competitive round of golf on some of the finest courses in La Belle Province.

Golf is a difficult sport where succeeding in playing at a high level is challenging, but when you are on a team with others, that dream can become a reality. The Vegas Golf Series is all about attempting those risky shots and making more birdies.

Grab your favourite golfing partner and register for a Vegas Golf Series event happening at a golf course near you! The top finishers at each Qualifying Series Events will earn their exemption into The Tour Championship October 3-4, 2020.


The Vegas Golf Series will feature 4 Qualifying Series Events and The Tour Championship. The top 3 teams at each Qualifying Series event will earn their exemption into The Tour Championship held October 3-4, 2020. Additional places will be awarded to the Top 60 players on the season long Order of Merit.


In addition to the tour-like atmosphere at every Vegas Golf Series event, participants will benefit from the following:

  • Cash Prize purse available for the top 3 finishers;

  • Closest to the pin contests;

  • Long-Drive contests;

  • Hole in one contests;

  • Skin games & Pari-Mutuels;

  • Play the same course conditions pros play;

  • Gift bags and much more!


The Vegas Golf Series is open to anyone with an official Golf Canada Handicap. For details on team eligibility click here.

*It is every players responsibility to make themselves aware of all Rules & Policies for the Vegas Golf Series. Click here for some FAQ.


The tournament format is a 5-man Scramble with four (4) amateurs and one (1) professional per team.


At registration, each team will register as a team of two (2). Teams MUST respect the handicap criteria listed below when choosing a partner. If you’re signing up as an individual, we’ll match you with a partner.
On the day of the competition, a draft will take place to determine the final teams. The final team will consist of four (4) amateur players (two teams of two players) and a professional. The draft will allow the teams with the highest Golf Canada Handicap Indexes to draft the team of their choice to start. In doing so, the playing field will level out and give everyone a fair opportunity to compete. 



The two team members’ aggregate Golf Canada Handicap factor must be between 8.0 and 50.0. A maximum index differential of 15.0 is permitted between the 2 team members.

For Example:
4.6 + 7.2 = 11.8 (ELIGIBLE)
20.8 + 26.8 = 47.6 (ELIGIBLE)
5.2+18.1 = 23.3 (ELIBIGLE)
2.2 + 4.6 = 6.8 (INELIGIBLE, team aggregate Golf Canada Handicap Index is lower than 8.0)
27.8 + 30.2 = 58.0 (INELIGIBLE, team aggregate Golf Canada Handicap Index is greater than 50.0)
5.2+22.4 = 27.6 (INELIGIBLE, team Golf Canada Handicap Index differential is greater than 15.0)
All Golf Canada Handicap Indexes must be current and active at the time of registration and through the event. Only official Golf Canada Handicap Indexes will be accepted at Vegas Golf Series events. The Vegas Golf Series Rules Staff will verify all indexes.


The final team score is the team’s gross score. The Vegas Golf Series does not use Golf Canada Handicap Indexes in computing the final scores. Golf Canada Handicap Indexes are used solely for team formation purposes.


An amateur golfer is not eligible to receive a cash prize or any non-conforming prize. A non-conforming prize is referred to as any non-monetary prize valued over $1,000CAD according to Golf Canada. A player's decision regarding their amateur status must be made PRIOR to the start of the competition. An amateur golfer who wants to participate in a Vegas Golf Series event must select ‘Amateur’ as their status at the time of registration in order to preserve their amateur status. If the player decides to change their status to ‘Professional’, they would be eligible to receive a cash prize provided they finish amongst paid positions.